IoT opportunities for startups
Alexandre Pinto, Matera

Educational programs to build up a new generation of innovators: practices and cases of success
André Fleury, POLI-USP

Technological Innovation in São Paulo
Brito Cruz, Fapesp

Future of work and opportunities for innovation
Eduardo Thuler, Catho

Microsoft strategy and learnings to engage with startups in Brazil
Elis de Queiroz, Microsoft

Plant - How to embrace a transational world
Fernando de Jesus, Duas Rodas

HP's Startup Ecosystem - Brazilian Strategy>
Franco Vieira, HP

Outside in and Inside out innovation model at CEMIG
Frederico Ribas, Cemig

Industrial Entrepreneurship: connecting startups and local industry
Fabio Pires, Senai

The Passion for Innovation in Transport and Logistics
Giovane Martins, Sascar

New innovation and business models at Butantan Institute
Marcelo de Franco, Instituto Butantan

Innovation as a lever in the growth strategy of Softplan
Moacir Marafon, Softplan

Lessons from Africa: venturing without electrical energy
Newton Campos, FGV-EAESP

Innovating Tecnopuc: approaches for the next decade
Rafael Prikladnicki, Tecnopuc

Innovation and the corporate strategy
Ricardo Kahn, AES Brasil

Open Innovation in practice: Interactions with startups for efficiency and new services
Rodolfo Ribeiro, Algar Telecom e Larissa Macedo, Algar Agro

Venture Capital in Brazil, does that make any sense?
Rodrigo Baer, Redpoint

Technologies for retail - what's new out there
Rodrigo Ribeiro, Grupo Boticário

Santa Catarina Ecossystem for Innovation: new business models
Silvio Kotujansky, ACATE

Emerging Graphene-based Nanotechnologies
Thoroh de Souza, Mackenzie

Innovation and Entrepreneurship: challenges and opportunities for Unicamp
Vanessa, Unicamp

Innovation for Growth and Sustainability: the key to the development of Paraná
Filipe Cassapo, C2i