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Oiweek Scibiz is all about enabling innovation. During the past decades, we have learned that collaboration is key for innovation.

This special edition brings together the giants of open innovation. Leading corporations from all sectors, the most attractive startups from different communities, scientists from the main research institutions, qualified investors and specialists on the hottest trends to an open innovation experience at USP Campus.

Prepare your team to innovate smarter

All corporations and professions are facing a world changing at an increasingly fast pace and where the continuous change is the new rule.

Professionals in every industry and functional area will do things differently tomorrow than they do today.

The quickening of technological and institutional change and rapid emergence of new customer needs means that established bases of competitive advantage are more frequently overturned. Yet, most firms are ill-equipped to develop new sources of competitive advantage and to create new high growth businesses.

To thrive in turbulent times, you and your organization must innovate smarter. But how?

The Oiweek Scibiz offers a structured program and curated content that will enable innovation practitioners to navigate through the very complex ways and topics on innovation.

Launch your Open Innovation Challenge

Leading companies will be able to launch Open Innovation Challenges to startups and techs using the 100 Open Startups and 100 Open Techs platforms, and invite the most attractive for 20-minute face-to-face meetings during the Speed-dating at Oiweek SciBiz.
Highlight your company as an Open Corp interest in co-create solutions with startups and research communities, share your innovation challenges and opportunities during this amazing open innovation experience at USP Campus.

Learn more about CORPORATION SPOTLIGHT opportunity

Meet with the most attractive startups

Corporate executives have a lot to gain from working with startups, and vice-versa.

Oiweek Scibiz is supported by the 100 Open Startups. Based on the data you fill in when registering, the tool will match you with the most relevant startups for you. 
8,000 startups applied and during the event you will be able to access a curated list of startups and schedule speed-dating meetings to discuss partnerships, investments, contracts and ways to implement innovative solutions together. 

The 100 Open Startups is a corporate-startup engagement platform created and maintained by global leading organizations that together evaluate and rank startups worldwide for business generation.

Learn more about 100 Open Startups program: www.openstartups.net

Access disruptive technologies from the main universities

Innovative scientists and research groups from academia working on breakthrough technologies will also be part of Oiweek Scibiz through 100 Open Techs and will have the opportunity to present their technologies and capabilities to the market.
Corporate executives will be able to schedule 20-minutes face-to-face meetings with Researchers and Innovation Office Managers from academia.

About 100 Open Techs:
As a result of the successful experience in connecting large companies and startups, the same methodology was applied for 100 Open Techs and with the help of 50 Universities and Technological Institutes from Brazil and 30 from other Latin America countries, it aims to expand business opportunities between large companies and innovative scientists.

Learn more: www.opentechs.net

Connect with other corporate leaders

Oiweek Scibiz is designed to foster relevant connections.

Corporate executives will have the opportunity to meet professionals from other organizations working on the same challenges.

The Oiweek Scibiz community consists in executives from more than 900 leading companies distributed in the 22 Grand Challenges.

Open Corps

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A special edition built by Oiweek - Open Innovation Week and USP.

A collaboration between the leading open innovation event that for 11 years brings together and strengthens the open innovation community, and USP that open up its campus connected to the vision of importance of collaboration for the development of a better world

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