“A symbiotic Exchange of ideas and knowledge.”

Ninad Gadgil,
3M India

Can corporates fund your research?

Oiweek SciBiz is all about enabling innovation and science is one of the main sources for it.

Oiweek Scibiz connects scientists to leading corporations and startups in the leading university in Latin America, University of São Paulo – USP, willing to take the risk in bringing science to the market.

Corporate Challenges for Scientists

Scientists have a lot to gain from working with large companies, and vice-versa.

Scientists have a lot to gain from working with large companies, and vice-versa.

Oiweek Scibiz is supported by 100 Open Startups matchmaking tool. Based on the data you fill in when registering, the tool will match you with the most relevant opportunities offered by large companies.

Once you have a match you will be able to meet and discuss partnerships, investments, contracts and ways to implement innovative solutions together.

The Oiweek Scibiz community is formed of executives from more than 900 leading companies distributed in the 22 Grand Challenges.

This year we expect to have over 5,000 meetings at the Oiweek Speed-dating Area.

Connect your technology for the Oiweek Scibiz Speed-Dating Arena with the corporate network and bring science to the market.

Top 100 Open Techs Ranking 2018

Oiweek Scibiz is one of the final stages of the annual cycle of 100 Open Techs program that rank the 100 most attractive scientific projects according to the corporate market.

If you are selected to be part of the 100 Open Techs Speed-dating Agenda you will have the opportunity meet and talk to the corporations that are looking forward to collaborate with scientists.

Fellows building 100 Open Techs with us


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