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Open Innovation Week - Abertura com Bruno Rondani, Wenovate
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Open Talk 1: Inovação Tecnológica em São Paulo - Brito Cruz, FAPESP
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Open Talk 2: Como Multinacionais inovam no mundo moderno dos negócios - John Biggs, DOW
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Open Talk 3: O futuro do trabalho e oportunidades para Inovação - Eduardo Thuler, Catho
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Open Talk 4: Por dentro do modelo de inovação da CEMIG - Frederico Ribas, CEMIG
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Open Talk 5: O ecossistema de inovação em Santa Catarina - Silvio Kotujansky, ACATE
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Open Talk 6: Inovação e a Estratégia Corporativa - Ricardo Kahn, AES Brasil
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Open Talk 7: Conectando Startups e Indústria local - Fabio Pires, Senai
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Open Talk 8: Inovando Tecnopuc, abordagens para a próxima década - Rafael Prikladnicki, Tecnopuc
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Open Talk 9: Modelos de Inovação no Instituto Butantan - Marcelo de Franco, Instituto Butantan
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Open Talk 10: Lições da África, se aventurando sem energia elétrica - Newton Campos, FGV-EAESP
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Open Talk 11: Inova Unicamp e cases de Inovação - Vanessa Sensato, Unicamp
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Open Talk 12: Estratégias e processos de Inovação da Sascar - Eduardo Dodo/Otavio Bonassi, Sascar
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Open Talk 13: Inovação como uma alavanca de crescimento na Softplan - Moacir Marafon, Softplan
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Open Talk 14: Inovando com Startups - John Bell, Johnson & Johnson
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Open Talk 15: Como Startups podem colaborar com grandes Companhias - Paulo Costa, Accenture
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Open Talk 16: Como abraçar um mundo transacional - Fernando Jesus, Duas Rodas
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Open Talk 17: Estratégias e aprendizados de engajamentos com Startups - Elis de Queiroz, Microsoft
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Open Talk 18: Programas educacionais para uma nova geração de inovadores - André Fleury, Poli-USP
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Open Talk 19: Inovação para o crescimento e sustentabilidade do Paraná - Filipe Cassapo, C2i
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Open Talk 20: Tecnologias para varejo, o que há de novo lá fora - Rodrigo Ribeiro, Boticário
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Open Talk 21: Ecossistema de Startups da HP - Franco Vieira, HP
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Open Talk 22: IoT e oportunidades para Startups - Alexandre Pinto, Matera Systems
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Open Talk 23: Interações com Startups e busca da eficiência - Rodolfo Ribeiro/Larissa Macedo, Algar
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Open Talk 24: Venture Capital no Brasil, isso faz algum sentido? - Rodrigo Baer, Redpoint
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Open Talk 25: Nanotecnologias emergentes baseadas em Grafeno - Thoroh, MackGraphe
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9th Open Innovation Week

The Open Innovation Week was created with the mission of connecting people, institutions and innovation
communities around the practice of open innovation in the country and across the globe.

On stage in 2017:

Get to know in the 9th edition the new practices and methodologies to engage startups,
big companies, and scientific communities.


9th Open Innovation Seminar

Science, entrepreneurship and innovation have always walked side by side. The Open Innovation Seminar has been recognized for gathering representatives of several innovation communities around debates and discussions in depth about innovative practices and the formation of more dynamic ecosystems.

The 9th edition of the Open Innovation Seminar brings once again with exclusivity a debate that has been a reference point to practitioners in these different communities. This year, the seminar’s central theme is “New Business Models for Innovation” and it presents new practices and how they have been impacting corporate, entrepreneurial and technology-based innovation models.

Discover in our Open-talk series the main challenges faced by innovation-leading companies, cases of startup-large company connection and the scientific community’s innovation opportunities.



Bruno Rondani Founder & CEO, 100 Open Startups

Open-Talk: Technological Innovation in São Paulo

Brito Cruz Scientific Director of Fapesp

For Corporates: Meeting Fapesp & 100OS Committee - Open Talk Stage
For Startups: World Café Startups - Ecosystem Round Tables

Open-Talk: How Multinational Companies innovate in the Modern Business World

John Biggs R&D Director Latin America, DOW

Open-Talk: Future of work and opportunities for innovation

Eduardo Knust Thuler CEO, Catho

Open-Talk: Outside in and Inside out innovation model at CEMIG

Frederico Ribas Technology Innovation Manager, Cemig

Open Talk: Santa Catarina Ecossystem for Innovation: new business models

Silvio Kotujansky Market VP, ACATE

Open-Talk: Innovation and the corporate strategy

Ricardo Kahn Innovation, Marketing and Strategy Manager, AES Brasil

Open Talk: Industrial Entrepreneurship: connecting startups and local industry

Fabio Pires Industry Development Manager, Senai

Open Talk: Innovating Tecnopuc: approaches for the next decade

Rafael Prikladnicki Director, Tecnopuc

Open-Talk: What's next for USP: innovation strategies, program and methods

Vanderlei Bagnato Professor and Head of USP Innovation Agency

Open-Talk: New innovation and business models at Butantan Institute

Marcelo de Franco VP, Instituto Butantan

Open-Talk: Lessons from Africa: venturing without electrical energy

Newton Campos Professor, FGV-EAESP

Open-Talk: Innovation and Entrepreneurship: challenges and opportunities for Unicamp

Milton Mori Professor and Head Inova Unicamp

Open-Talk: The Passion for Innovation in Transport and Logistics

Giovane Martins Innovation Coordinator, Sascar

5th Academic Meeting on Collaborative Innovation

For Startups: Back Startup Session - Open Talk Stage
For Corporates: World Café Corporates - Ecosystem Round Tables

Open-Talk: Innovation as a lever in the growth strategy of Softplan

Moacir Marafon Executive Director, Softplan

Keynote Session: Innovating with Start-Ups

John Bell Global VP for External Innovation and New Business, Johnson&Johnson

Open-Talk: Discovery, Development and Deployment of Innovation: how startups can collaborate with large companies

Paulo Costa Open Innovation for LA, Accenture

Open Talk: Plant - How to embrace a transational world

Fernando de Jesus Innovation Coordinator, Duas Rodas

Open-Talk: Microsoft strategy and learnings to engage with startups in Brazil

Elis de Queiroz Audience Marketing Manager, Microsoft

Open Talk: Educational programs to build up a new generation of innovators: practices and cases of success

André Fleury Professor, POLI-USP

Open-talk: Innovation for Growth and Sustainability: the key to the development of Paraná

Filipe M. Cassapo Executive Manager, C2i

Open Talk: Technologies for retail - what's new out there

Rodrigo Ribeiro Architecture, Innovation and Governance Manager, Grupo Boticário

Open-Talk: HP's Startup Ecosystem - Brazilian Strategy

Franco Vieira Solutions Architect, HP

Open-Talk: IoT opportunities for startups

Alexandre Pinto Innovation and Business Development Director, Matera Systems

Open-Talk: Open Innovation in practice: Interactions with startups for efficiency and new services

Rodolfo Ribeiro IMO, Algar Telecom e Larissa Macedo IMO, Algar Agro

Open-Talk: Venture Capital in Brazil, does that make any sense?

Rodrigo Baer Partner, Redpoint

Open-Talk: Emerging Graphene-based Nanotechnologies

Thoroh de Souza Chief Scientist of MackGraphe, Mackenzie Presbyterian University

Startups Showcase

Awards Ceremony


*program subject to change

100 Open Startups

The world's largest program to connect big companies and startups

The 100 Open Startups Final Round gather the most attractive startups selected by the market, with the leading companies interested in co-creating attractive solutions and generate deals.

In this cycle, we had over 2.100 evaluators representing 317 large corporations that have evaluated and ranked, online and onlive, more than 2.700 startup projects. The ones with best performance will figure in the TOP100 Brasil 2017 Ranking. More at

Registration, set up prototypes and poster session

Dynamic: World Café Startups

Speed-dating Zone

Speed-dating sessions between selected startups and large companies connected.

Startups Exhibition

Posters and Prototypes of the invited startups exposed.


11am, 12pm, 3pm

Back Startups Talks

Speed-dating Zone

Speed-dating sessions between selected startups and large companies connected.

Startups Exhibition

Posters and Prototypes of the invited startups exposed.


11am, 12pm, 3pm

Highlights 100 Open Startups

Disclosure of the results and awards ceremony for the event’s leading and most attractive large companies and startups.

5th Academic Meeting on Collaborative Innovation

The 5th edition of the Academic Meeting on Collaborative Innovation will gather PhD researchers, professors and students around current research on corporate entrepreneurship and innovation networks.

Participants will have the opportunity to get to know the Startups Observatory, an initiative that compiles and discloses data on innovation and entrepreneurship for academic research purpose, and also engage in a “guided tour” through the methodology for categorizing/classifying Startups.


"Guided visit" to the methodology behind the process of co-creating and classifying/ranking startups

Free Interaction between participants

Startups observatory - Database presentation for research

Evolution of lines of research on entrepreneurship and industrial innovation

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